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Welcome to Stuzent Malaysia !The First Malaysian forums of Co-Ed School and 5Dolls.We need every Stuzents to support by donate and we are also welcoming the international fans.Spread your love here to Co-Ed.
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Welcome to Stuzent Malaysia!The First Malaysian Fan Forum for Co-Ed School &5Dolls!Join and support us by donating!The forum is looking for staffs! WE NEED YOU! To apply,please go to ANNOUNCEMENTS .

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 Register problems.

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PostSubject: Register problems.   Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:43 pm

Hello there,

For the Guest who are unable to register into our forum, try to report on our Question&Feedback thread.

And we'll try to help you register by giving a random password. You can change it after you log in on your profile.



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Register problems.
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